Shadow Beast

Solid Shadow


Size: Human sized
Intelligence: Human range
Origin: Another Dimension
Defense Level: 20
Number of Attacks: 2
To Hit Modifier: -2
Accuracy: 10
Number in Group: 1-3
Special: Shadow beasts regenerate 5 DL per turn as long as there is some shadow to hide in.
Blackout (Far, AL 1, L 1d4.)
Shadow blast (Far, AL 8, L 1d6.)
Engulf (Touch, AL 8, L 1d20.)
Lash (Close, AL 4, L 1d10.)


Current theories hold that shadow beasts are actually beings from another dimension. They seem to be able to travel to earth via shadows, and they resemble shadows in several respects. A shadow beast’s favourite hiding spot is where sunlight never shines.

Shadow beasts take a variety of forms, from human type shadows to odd, twisting shapes. Shadow beasts are completely black, even under bright light. Shine a flashlight on one and the light is just “sucked up,” lost into some strange void that makes up the shadow beast’s body.

Shadow beasts are very evil and they quite like to trick humans. Shadow beasts seem to be able to move from shadow to shadow, as if in teleportation, and have been known to allow humans to travel with them. Most of the motives of shadow beasts are unfathomable.

Targets hit with the blackout attack are engulfed in shadow at far range from the shadow beast for one turn, making it impossible for them to see.

Shadow beasts can engulf a target at touch range, exposing that target to the energies of the dimension that the shadow beast came from. This is quite lethal.

Shadow Beast

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